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Lea Debian


Dietician & anti-aging program coordinator

Evaluate patients for Anti - Aging program.

Nadine Andari


Clinical Dietician

Masters in Clinical Nutrition - American University of Beirut

Ghina Hamoui


Bachelor in Food Sciences & Dietetics

Permanent guest at Abu Dhabi TV
(Abu Dhabi & Khalifa City)

Nebal Ghandour, BSc.


More than ten years of experience in Clinical Nutrition.

Medically supervised weight reduction programs.

Zeina Wahbi



Medically supervised weight reduction programs
(Al Ain)

Manar Daniel

Manar Daniel


Bachelor in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

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Is what you are eating driving you crazy?

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Articles - Nutrition

What we eat is not only making us physically unfit but mentally unfit as well. In other words, it’s making us crazy. After all we are what we eat. 

obesityMany food items being promoted today — from infant formulas to “health-conscious” packaged meals — are dangerously deficient in a number of nutrients, which adversely affects brain development. The food industry is guilty of producing these over-processed, artificially flavored and chemical-ridden "pseudo foods," such as sodas, processed soups, sweetened juices, sugared cereals, and fiberless bread. 

Certain kinds of foods can cause emotional and learning difficulties, fatigue, hyper-activity in class, depression, anti-social and criminal behavior, bad grades and low SAT scores. 

Fast foods and vending-machines can hype children up with sugars and huge amounts of sodium, which over-stimulate the brain and mess up the body’s electrical systems.


Among my warnings and advice:


  • Avoid juices even the freshly squeezed variety: It is nothing but water, calories and vitamin C. Drink a lot of water instead so as not to gain weight. You can eat the fresh fruits as it has fiber which makes you feel full and slows down the absorption of the sugar.
  • Avoid labels! Of course you should read the labels. But to be honest, real foods don’t have labels on them. If it comes in a can, box or other packages, it automatically means it’s a processed food with all kind of chemicals as preservatives, food colorants, and taste enhancers, excessive salt and artificial sweeteners.
  • Infant formulas and baby foods: Some formulas and baby foods lack nutrients that are important for brain development, and some contain neurotoxins. Infant formulas are not for adults: they are loaded with calories. It is best to grind fresh food to make your own baby food.
  • Wheat, corn and dairy: Many people are allergic to these common foods. In children, allergic symptoms can include memory loss, anger outbreaks, depression, sleepiness and lack of attentiveness. Start eliminating these foods if you notice these behaviors in your child.
  • MSG in snack and fast foods: Many fast foods and snacks contain monosodium glutamate. To avoid it, buy nut mixes, fresh fruit, baby carrots and popcorn or make your own cookies for snacks.
  • Sugar and artificial sweeteners: Stay away from artificial sweeteners. Use real sugar in moderation and control how many sweet foods and drinks you consume.
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies in teens: Teen-agers eat less than two servings of fruit and vegetables per day. They also eat a lot of processed foods that have been stripped of many nutrients. This can be linked to anorexia, bulimia, poor cognition and defiant behavior.
  • Eat fish three times a week: It is brain food provided it is not contaminated with mercury and other poisons from oil tankers’ spillage. Eat red meat only in moderation. All meats are good sources of protein as well as iron.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables: All types of fresh fruit and veggies are good for you. Avoid canned fruit.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements: There is very little evidence that we need the hundred of food supplements available in stores or that they are beneficiary. It is a huge industry besieged by a lot of flawed research. Iron supplements are important for women who still get their menstrual periods. Calcium supplements may benefit people at risk of osteoporosis. Flaccid or Omega three supplements are among the few exceptions of beneficial supplements that can affect your mood, your memory and slow down Alzheimer.

It’s never too late to change your eating habits; you can make huge differences in your behavior and mental capacity if you start today, no matter what age you are. Eating at home is making a big come back and will be the wave of the future. The lost art of healthy and tasty cooking will be rediscovered. Regularly eating fast food will be for the poor and the uneducated.




Last Updated on Thursday, 14 October 2010 18:46
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