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Roger Batrouni, M.D.

Dr. Roger

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Dr. Maria Isabel Acosta

Dr. Maria Isabel Acosta

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Gabriel Akram Saab, M.D.


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Manar Trab, M.D.


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Dr. Claudia Machado


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(Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Khalifa City & Al Ain)

Dr. Gie Meyer Vandhult


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Marwan Youssef, M.D.


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Antoine Hanna, M.D.

Antoine Hanna

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Jwan Mansoor, M.D.

Dr. Jwan Mansoor

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Lina Skutaite, M.D.

Dr. Lina Skutaite

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Ghada Aldaheen, M.D.

Dr. Ghada Aldaheen

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Naseebah Nayef, M.D.


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Nose Reshaping (Nose job or Rhinoplasty)

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Procedures - Cosmetic Surgery

If you are looking for Nose Reshaping, then CosmeSurge offers the best Nose Surgery Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We also do Nose job Rhinoplasty in Dubai.


Hi - I am Lara- I am 25 Years old. I am at CosmeSurge because I suffer from a deviated septum and would like while repairing my septem to improve the shape of my nose. The Surgeon at CosmeSurge explained to me that he can improve everything in one surgery. Lara can benefit from addressing multiple problems, first we shall decrease the bony hump that bothers her, Second we shall tighten a bit the large nose that she has, Third we shall reduce the size of the cartridges of her nose and shall bring them together as they are now a bit separated. We shall perofrm the procedure through a tiny incisions and shall reduce the fat tissue at the tip of her nose and bring the separated cartridges together. Now after four months I am really happy and my nose continue to improve.

The Essential Facts*

Length of Procedure

1 - 2 hours



General anaesthetic or light sedation (twilight anaesthesia) and local anaesthesia



Day case or 1 night stay


Time off work

1-2 weeks


Getting back to normal/sport

4-6 weeks (limit direct sun exposure for 6-8 weeks)


Nose reshaping, also called rhinoplasty, is the third most common plastic surgery procedure done at our CosmeSurge® Centers after liposuction and esthetic breast surgery. Some people are unhappy with the noses they were born with, and some with the sagginess of their nose due to aging. For others, an injury may have broken the nose, or the goal may be improved breathing. But artists agree on  one thing: nothing has a greater impact on how a person's face  look like than the size and shape of their nose. No wonder that a slight nose alteration can greatly improve one's appearance. 

The goal is to artistically reshape the nose, so as to make it harmonize better with other facial features. 

Skin color, ethnic background, other facial anatomy, and age are important factors to be considered in discussions with your surgeon prior to surgery. Before the nose is altered, a young patient must reach full growth, usually around age fifteen or sixteen. Exceptions are cases in which breathing is severely impaired. 


The best candidates for Rhinoplasty

Nose reshaping can enhance your appearance and your self-confidence, but it won't change your life or cause other people to treat you differently. 

The best candidates for nose reshaping are people who are looking for significant improvement, not perfection, in the way they look. If you're physically healthy, emotionally stable, and realistic in your expectations, you may be a good candidate. 

Did you know that the nose "grows" from age 17 till 70 by one centimeter or 20% more of its original length? It does not really grow but it droops due to skin sagging with age. 

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