Cosmesurge Sharjah Offers



For the upcoming Sharjah bride show between May 3 to 6th.

Promotions for everyone attending (1 promotion per person)

  • Buy one full set of veneers and receive AED 3000 worth of Botox and Fillers.
  • Enjoy 3 Complimentary sessions with the Dietitian including 2 follow ups.
  • A gift for you 25% off Laser Hair Removal
  • Treat yourself to 25% off Botox or Fillers
  • Enjoy 50% off DermaFrac or Hydrafacial
  • Enjoy a FREE complimentary consultation, plus AED 5000 off any Surgical Procedures


Special Promotion for one lucky person

  • One free consultation with a Dietitian
  • One free teeth whitening session
  • One free Full body laser
  • One free Hydrafacial
  • One free session of Botox or Fillers